"I Bless Myself" and "I Bless the World"

Heart's Song for Elder "Holy Host of One", our Beloved "Sacred Walk This Way". Welcome Home

Days are night. Night are days. Come to me and learn to pray. Take my hand and drink a cup of tea. Listen to the music and gather with me. Gift your hand of vision sow you may see. peaceful

Gather your fluids (receive the tears of yesterday) of longing the true blue wind (loyal dedicated soul) that keeps us upon the Red Road (the law of love). The Red that sets us free (when our flesh acts out the dreams of the soul. a unification of dark and light). Be kind and merciful to all your family. peaceful

Don't be sad just jump instead. Seek joy within the heart within. My hand will save the day because you are indeed a slave (pure heart) to show the way. We are servants to God above. The truth of loyalty is written in the hand of God. He is the mustard seed (strength of a dream) that succeeds (feeds the tree of life). And She is the birthing house (universe) of all the leaves (ancestors). And I am to devoted, a servant to thee. peaceful

We slave (enduring pure heart who walks and talks the vision quest) to know the heart of me (inside of self), the place that grows eternally. I am the bold, the true, the blue. The place I hold for me and you!peaceful

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Down Town, We Will Begin Again!

How do we Gather in Town?

Down town, down town, down town, really in the summer when the sun is so high today
and the rain is no where in sight to come out to play, I have only one wish and that is to be with you, come along and sing a song and we will begin again. The Blue of you is in my Heart and we can find a pool, let us drink a spell and refresh our Hearts and go deep just like the well. Here where eternal lives the spring of youth resides. I keep it pure for you to see, the place we dream each night. My sovereign hope of bells ring free to gift the light to see. The shore where we can lie (down on a sandy shore), soak up all that's still. The mighty ocean blue of seas, we traveled to get to here. And now we are here to see the other shore just in time to sit for awhile. Be aware of time that comes to let you all arise. Look over there a lioness is here to show you how to collide. She says, "Follow the Flow Within and You will find your Way". My child we must just trust ourselves to know it's God's good grace. Sow as you walk by each friendly face just remember who you are, the soul who knows we are on a Race, the Race of Love Inside! Offer your face and smile returns to gift us to and fro, the magic pill that shows the will of blue (loyal kingsmen) and all it's grace.

Come and visit us at WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Org and learn about how you too have a Heart's song that is Rich with the Wisdom of Heaven's Eternal Being within you! And if you have the Warrior Spirit, join us in our Third Hoop Networks at Ning Groups, (Red Road-the law of love upon the walking and talking) WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com and (Blue Road, the law of heavenly eternal soul evolution journey) HouseoftheBeloved.Ning.Com

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"I bless myself" and "I bless the world".
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