"I Bless Myself" and "I Bless the World"

Heart's Song for Elder "Holy Host of One", our Beloved "Sacred Walk This Way". Welcome Home

Days are night. Night are days. Come to me and learn to pray. Take my hand and drink a cup of tea. Listen to the music and gather with me. Gift your hand of vision sow you may see. peaceful

Gather your fluids (receive the tears of yesterday) of longing the true blue wind (loyal dedicated soul) that keeps us upon the Red Road (the law of love). The Red that sets us free (when our flesh acts out the dreams of the soul. a unification of dark and light). Be kind and merciful to all your family. peaceful

Don't be sad just jump instead. Seek joy within the heart within. My hand will save the day because you are indeed a slave (pure heart) to show the way. We are servants to God above. The truth of loyalty is written in the hand of God. He is the mustard seed (strength of a dream) that succeeds (feeds the tree of life). And She is the birthing house (universe) of all the leaves (ancestors). And I am to devoted, a servant to thee. peaceful

We slave (enduring pure heart who walks and talks the vision quest) to know the heart of me (inside of self), the place that grows eternally. I am the bold, the true, the blue. The place I hold for me and you!peaceful

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Mighty Friend Flowers and Grows

May 19, 2009 Heart's Song for Elder Sacred Walk this Way

The Mighty Friend Flowers and Grows

The day of love is coming soon, if you can open the door. Just look inside and you will find the love you have always been dreaming for. Can't you see the reflection of me inside of the pool of time? My energy of streaming galore is taking me by surprise. Where do you think flowers grow? I think right next door. If God (Oneness) has a plan for me, then I will flower more. The task at hand is in demand and if I can show the way, my life will be the glory of me to guide and bless the way.

Hope is instilled throughout the land, can I be your mighty friend? Don't give up when we have a good fight, just lift up your arms to win (law of love lifts the arms for the hug, the unification of two hearts). We can can fly to the other shore when we look deep inside. The place of glory is deep within the bells across the sky. I know you know the way for sure, just put your hand in mine. And glory will be for this day to climb the mountain of all mine is thine.

Give grief you say, I say hip hip hooray, I tell you just crack a smile. Don't be blue (sadness) just know the bleu (freedom of ringing bells) and find the love inside. We are together and mighty and true, the blue of great and royal mounts. The time to fight and know the ground is willing to be sublime. Take the risk and defend the line of law of love every time. Don't give up and smoke will find the lost breath we can find. My heart will be with you today, to know your blue again. My relative, I adore you true, just give me love to climb.

Aho, may your spirit fly! Join the Pure Heart Network WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman.Ning.Com

“Our deeds are like stones cast into the pool of time; though they themselves may disappear, their ripples extend to eternity."

Pool (she) Pool The pool is a symbol for any body of water. Symbolically depicted as a rectangle transversed by parallel wavy vertical lines. The Sacred personified these waters as part of the Divine or God. The pool often symbolized these waters of the First Time. The young sun God was born and rises from the pool of water. Water relates to the Soul realms and this means to many an afterlife. Water is greatly needed for survival in any climate or even realm. Deceased often drink from the well of life, the sacred pool that reflects our heart's song. Like a child to continues the circle of the heavenly dance, the fruits of all his labors grows and extends to the relations.

Common wishes for the Heavenly realms is to "walk according to your desire on the beautiful edge of your pool, in other words "follow your dreams and you live in heavenly bliss". Here the sacred four directions of the winds flowing greet each other and from the reflection within, rises and emerges a throne (bright light generated by your dreams) from within the Heavenly underworld. These great emanations of light burn brightly and are deadly as the Underworld lakes of fire. Symbolizing the union of red and blue pathways, where water and fire join in harmony. The Sun is seen as the "fire of life"symbolic of the sun spitting fire at the sun's enemies or purifing the impure. Thereby returning home the lost souls who wander. Twin fires represent the "Island of Fire" where the "Sun" was born. This island gave birth to the dawn, the Great Moring Star that lights our Soul and Guides our Flesh upon both the Red (light/male/fire) or Blue (dark/female/water) paths.

Fire belongs to the Underworld filled with fiery rivers and lakes to purify the world along the Red Road. Inhabited by many fire demons who threatened the wicked dead or impure. These demons of fire are really cleansing and purifying the world, often depicted with fire on their heads. The Lakes of Fire in the Underworld are moving, like normal pools of water, but a living fire of purification and blessing. Here the Red and the Blue transverse the pools of reflection, the sacred ripples of time. Guarding these fire lakes are often the Monkey, for he is wise and tricky. He is able to be Great at any undertaking. And for the wicked and impure, these lakes were only trouble and feared (unknowing freedom and revelation or burning lights from within, a rebirth of dreams).

The righteous drink from the pools of fire and are refreshed. The righteous pure warrior can transform into shooting flames and purify enemies in order to have our relations return home to us. This is why we use fire, torches, incense bowl, lamp with a flame and braziers to bless our impure and ignorant relatives. A living light from within your pure heart will offer you protection from the impure who lack the knowledge of the sacred pools of reflection. When you are able to walk both the Red and the Blue ways, then we are gifted true freedom within and without. We become the Dance of Creation that arises as a Dream.

Symbol of Star Star, the Blue "Afterlife or our Soul Realm of Heaven, within the Flesh Realm of Earth" The Spirit of the Lake People or Sioux Nation call this the treasured Morning Star, the eight pointed star, where four sacred directions live on the Blue and the Red. It rises from within us all, when we seek the vision quest.

Incense bowl Sun, Fire, illumination of a Pure Heart, the Red "Purification of the birth of life and living" This is the Blessing! The cleansing of the physical and soul worlds. We offer the sacred fire to all our relations. We offer the sacred pipe to unify the two roads, to meet again at the Blue, to create the child and new rising star, from within.

Written by White Buffalo Calf Woman to explain the story of Elder Holy Host of One Heart's Song. She is the purifier and dedicated warrior to the Blue soul relatives,where the winds of time collide together and unify. June 4, 2009

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